Finish Line Ministries bases its name on the finished work of Christ. When Jesus Christ completed His work on the cross, He uttered the words “it is finished.” This statement by Jesus has aspects, ramifications, and benefits too numerous to list, but the understanding and application of this phrase is essential to a living vibrant and meaningful life on earth.

Each week, if not each day, I talk with people from all walks of life. Some have an extensive church background while others have no knowledge of Jesus whatsoever. Many people who have been exposed to God, Jesus, and/or “church” consistently say that they have never heard terms such as “In Christ,” “Born Again,” or that Christian Religion and Biblical Christianity are really two different things. My focus is to be “real” with anyone and everyone who is interested in connecting with God, and to guide them to an understanding and application of what Jesus meant when He said “It is finished.”

New book published

New book published

My book on the nature of forgiveness is now available. To order go to the “donate” tab and send $12.99 for the book plus $4.00 shipping and handling. The book is also available through various book distributors such as Amazon.com in print or as an ebook. I offer volume discounts as well.

Don’t forget to check out the library of free audio lessons by clicking the “media” and then “audio” tab above. Follow the link to select an audio lesson. Enjoy!


3 Responses to Home

  1. Scott Kopach says:


    It’s Thursday morning and I’ve just finished listening to last nights lesson in Hebrews 8. All I can say is “Hallelujah, Amen and Amen”. How many people would have a cow if they heard that “Jesus did not atone for our sin.” Although I have never heard this from the pulpit, your explanation of the word atone makes clear that our sins were not covered over, but, that they have been removed, forever. I just want to say I will be rejoicing over this all day. Thanks again for your faithful instruction and I look forward to next weeks lesson.
    Thanks brother,

  2. Gary B says:

    Just finished your book. I agree with every word.

  3. Kimberly R. says:

    Big praise for The Lie of Forgiveness! The message of the goodness of God and His Grace and Favor on our lives through Jesus Christ flows through every page of this book like healing waters. The Lie of Forgiveness is a must-read for the new or curious Christian and a wonderful breath of fresh air for the life-long Christian searching for more. Bravo Danny, keep sharing the Good News!

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